***Spiritus Sanctus***

<<<The Spiritus Sanctus system has been chartered and points of interest will soon be prioritized and discussed. The coming year will be wholly encompassed within this system and there will a variety of narrative based encounters with short-term and long-term goals. This post entails the outlook of the system and will provide players with a preliminary idea of what to expect this year.>>>


+++<Dataspike successful>…- +++<Information> Furnicium is the proximate planet to the M-class star. Volatile and explosive chasms meet barren ash wastes, environmental protection mandatory for any and all expeditions. <Warning> Entry to planet surface obstructed by rings of space debris caught in planetary orbit, one single large mass present with frequent alterations. <Speculation> Evidence of lifeforms within the debris mass, possible hulk foundation with multiple engine vents of varying size all over. <Warning> Ork presence a possibility. <Caution> Extent of presence in system unknown. <Assessment> Hazardous orbit, skilled and multi-crew presence is advised. Confirmation of xenos agenda required prior to atmospheric entry.<End>+++

+++<Dataspike successful>…- +++<Information> Hubrecht is a red and brown haze of noxious gas and particulates. Visibility is minimal across much of the planets surface. Artificial constructs detected at high altitudes within gaseous cloud layers; refineries, storage, logistics. Planet surface composition unknown, atmospheric disruption too severe. <Warning> Entry to atmosphere hazardous and obstacles numerous. Limited forms of entry required. <Assessment> Deepstriking extremely hazardous and non-viable without hover abilities. Biological presence unknown. Frequency of construct use unknown. <End>+++

+++<Dataspike unsuccessful>…- +++<Information-none>…-

+++Dataspike successful>…-+++<Information> Celledia is a gas giant with an extensive debris ring of ice and rock. No known solid surface observed. Atmospheric conditions disrupt augery scans. Extensive debris ring contains artificial constructs as observed around Furnicium. However, these appear ancient and no sign of recent manipulation; large ancient warships and engine cores circulate with asteroids. <Warning> Extensive rad-levels and plasma fires detected, result from vast engine and warp core debris observed. <Caution> Pockets of radiation dispersed among debris proximate to warp cores. Radiation levels exceed recommended levels for Astartes. Hardened armour advisable if expedition required. <Assessment> Need for expedition limited. Priority minimal. Assets none. <End>+++

+++<Dataspike partially successful>…- +++<Information-limited> Minor planet in deep space orbit around M-class star. Glacial scarring and exposed heavy metal ore. Refinery stacks. Multiple heat sources around both axial poles. <Proximity alert> Large vessel approaching. <Caution> Shields raised. Weapons armed. Hostile. <Warning> Weapons discharged… <Abrupt End>+++


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