***Sanctum inbound***

+++ Expansion into the depths of the Filius System cost the Warmaster’s logistical effort dearly. Their subtle flank opened up by their greed and extortion, drawn out by desire for glory and to create examples of false idolatry. Mana, Cahethal and Spacehulk Metallicis all in the control of the Eye of Terra himself. However, the forward operating stations of the Warmaster’s efforts on Scala ad Caelum were forfeit. A dear price to pay, considering the now guaranteed ability for Imperial support to acquire situational reports of this re-discovered system. The Imperial Fists, using the traitors communication facility, were successful in reaching distant allies who have made immediate amendments to their warp trajectories.

Loyalist operations on Scala ad Caelum would be brief; the point of holding such a planet was moot with the major components of the system being controlled by the traitors. The objective of their planet-fall was successful and now the Loyalists have mustered far beyond the Filius system and wait for sanctuary.+++


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