***Pyres of Ob Firma***

+++The Raven Guard and Iron Hands did not expect the traitors grasp to reach them so quickly. Their reprise was brief but never did they become complacent. They were ready, with vengeance. Their staging point had been well prepared and all possible defenses were bolstered to maintain any chance of surviving the traitors advances.

Following the traitors planet-fall much of the hard ground established by the loyalists had been obliterated through sheer overwhelming numbers. The inner city of Ob Firma had seen the most stoic defense, no matter the loss of life, those aligned with the Emperor fought to maintain control of the very depths of this city and the Warmasters own Sons were unable to encircle the remnant rats that infested its underhive.

With a close victory the traitors await further instruction to initiate the final blow to the loyalists in the system. Meanwhile, once again, the loyalists are on the back foot and delve deeper into this system and spread their efforts between a series of important sites in Porta Fidei. Encrypted calls to distant loyalist reinforcements must be answered soon, or the remnants of these proud legions may be extinguished once and for all.+++


2 thoughts on “***Pyres of Ob Firma***

  1. Night Lords Benelovence Company
    Day One of the assault on Ob Firma
    Praetor Alin Dragoş led the more eager elements of his Sands of Justice battle group down amongst the remains of Obfirmos industrial sector with a thought to bring the galactic truth of peace through fear/death to any remaining citizens.
    Just as Alin had found what was left of a Baneblade crew to enlighten (read skin ’em alive) a force of Iron Hands cruelly intervened, not being fans of true justice they proceded to give the Night Lords a bloody nose. Alin Dragoş was able to cut down the Iron Warriors leader but then disappeared in a hail of plasma, never to be seen again? Fortunatley the brave Terror Squad Lenience was able to spirit the captive away, some would have accused them of fleeing and hiding in a hole for the majority of the battle…those individuals will be visited and made literate to the truth.
    Somehow a force of Night Lords missed the initial drop to the planet! and were on hand to stop a Mechanicum plot to damage The Blade of Cthonia. Pic captures taken just before the combat seem to suggest that the Night Lords were in fact scavenging bits of Imperial Fists (literal bits) but their commander would like to assure all friendly forces that they really wanted to be there for the initial assault, no matter how brutal it would have been its just that they heard a commotion near the plasma coils and felt duty bound to investigate……what we were we doing on the Cthonia you might ask Bzzzz phfff whap? you seem to be breaking up…

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  2. Night Lords Benevolence Company
    Day Two of the assault on Ob Firma
    Upset at having to give up their captive Baneblade captain to the emperors children, the boys of squad ‘Quietus’ followed the trail of spilled lotion and pixie dust to the out skirts of the capitol.
    There they found the captain dressed in what seemed to be a gimp outfit trying to repair a damaged Baneblade with colourful streamers, party balloons and mysterious white powder.
    After eviscerating a couple of appendages the Night Lords took the Baneblade for a spin straight into a Solar auxilia tank line got it blown up and then had to call in aerial support to clean up all the mess.
    After two days of brutal carnage the inky blackness of Scala ad Caelum’s night sky was in ascendance when flitting shadows formed shapes of claws and wings amongst the industrial wastes…..
    The Night Lords had found the Raven Guard and blood was soon to be shed.

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